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Insurance Dispute / Bad Faith Attorney – San Jose, CA
Help from San Jose Bay Area Insurance Bad faith Lawyer

Our Silicon Valley bad faith insurance attorney serves clients in the San Jose Bay Area of California. Insurance bad faith is a legal term of art that describes a tort claim that an insured person may have against an insurance company for its bad acts. Sometimes, the insurance company unreasonably delays payment of benefits, fails to provide coverage or fails to settle the case within the limits of the insurance policy. If this has happened to you, you need to hire an insurance lawyer that can get you the money you deserve. Bay Area injury lawyer Geoffrey Nwosu is an experienced San Jose insurance bad faith lawyer. Contact our office today at 408-912-5983 or visit www.nwosulaw.com and talk to an insurance bad faith lawyer if you suspect that you are a victim of misconduct on the part of your insurer.

Insurance Disputes, Bad Faith, and Bad Acts – Nwosu Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys Can HelpBad faith insurance claims imply an insurer has failed to pay a claim for no reason. Other bad faith insurance claims result because the insurers have taken a position that goes against the insurance coverage policy. Nwosu insurance bad faith attorneys specialize in handling insurance disputes, insurance bad faith, and low ball offers. Below are examples of Bad Faith Conduct in San Jose, California:

  • Unreasonable denial or termination of an insurance claim that should have been paid by the insurance company
  • Unreasonable delay in paying policyholder without proper investigation
  • Unreasonable failure to defend a policyholder who has been sued under a policy containing a liability provision
  • Unreasonably attempting to under-settle or low ball the payment of a claim.
  • Failing to settle when liability is clear or making low ball offers
  • Improperly denying insurance coverage when a proper claim is submitted

We Hold Insurance Companies Liable for Their MistakesAt Nwosu insurance bad faith law office, our insurance bad faith lawyer will get compensation for you for insurance bad acts. You must be aware that your insurance company has a duty to treat you fairly and to protect you from third-party claims, because you bought the liability insurance, whether for your home, your business, motorcycle, dog, or on your automobile. They also have to protect your interest when settling your claim. Failure to meet any one of these responsibilities may very likely constitute insurance bad faith claim. If your insurance company has acted in bad faith on your legitimate claim, please let San Jose injury attorney Geoffrey Nwosu help you.

We believe that our clients have legal rights to receive compensation from the responsible party who negligently injured them and we work very hard to protect that right. By compensation, we mean that we fight forcefully and aggressively to recover any economic costs like medical costs, lost wages, property damage, and pain and sufferings. We are not intimidated by big insurance companies and their rich investors. You are injured because someone made a mistake and acted unreasonably. It is not your fault.

Our Silicon Valley insurance bad faith attorney from our Santa Clara County insurance bad faith Law Firm of Geoffrey Nwosu represents victims of insurance company’s bad acts because we believe that they have rights too, just like others. California rules, laws, and regulations require that insurance companies must act in good faith. We represent clients in San Jose Santa Clara County, Alameda County, San Mateo County, and the San Francisco Bay Area. If you have questions or concerns about your insurance company’s conduct, please contact San Jose Attorney Geoffrey Nwosu at 408-912-5983.

Free Consultation with Nwosu Personal Injury LawyersNwosu insurance bad faith injury lawyers will consult with you for free. An experienced personal injury attorney at the personal injury law firm of Geoffrey Nwosu will meet with you to answer your personal injury legal questions, not a legal secretary. Hiring Nwosu personal injury attorneys means you have no upfront financial obligation to our firm until we settle your case. We take our job seriously because we care for our clients. If you or a loved one has been wronged and denied coverage by your insurance company, call our insurance bad faith injury attorney Geoffrey Nwosu for a free case evaluation and consultation today at 408-912-5983 or visit www.nwosulaw.com.