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The Law Offices of Geoffrey C. Nwosu has many years of experience helping Bay Area & Northern California clients protect their rights. We specialize in representing individuals who need help in filing charges for accident or personal injury and claiming compensation for injuries suffered due to another person’s negligence. Our firm along with our group of Attorney in San Jose, California, also has many years of experience helping clients with naturalization, immigration, and green card needs.

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The Representation That You Need

We are experienced attorneys ready to fight for you and your case. With our expertise, we help you get the compensation that you deserve.

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Accident Injuries

We are dedicated to helping you and your family rebuild your life after a tragic accident.

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Personal Injury

Personal injury law can cover a broad range of topics, from medical malpractice, car accidents, work injuries, product liability, and more.

Services We Offer

We offer legal assistance and advice that will help you claim and/or recover all entitlements allowed through legal means. Our goal is to help solve complex legal concerns while remaining transparent. We are committed to informing you of your available choices so you can make informed decisions regarding your case.

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Accident Injury

Receive the representation you need in court through our personal and accident injury law services.

What We Do
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Auto / Car Accident

Were you in a vehicular accident? We offer law services for cases involving auto accidents.

How We Help
Victim of accident with serious injuries in san jose

Serious Injury or Death

Our law firm can help you recover through professional representation in court.

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Loved ones graveside after wrongful death in san jose

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death occurs when a person is killed due to the negligence or misconduct of another individual, company, or organization.

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Estate Planning lawyer siging a last will and testament in san jose

Estate Planning

Going through probate can be very expensive and very complicated. That’s exactly why most people and estate plans try to avoid probate. Our San Jose Estate Planning, Trust and Will Lawyer will help to navigate the following Estate Planning areas:

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Female accident and personl injury lawyer in san jose

Our Mission Statement

To provide our clients with superior legal representation. We focus on representing people have who incurred damages, be it physical, monetary, emotional…

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Law Office of Geoffrey C. Nwosu - San Jose Personal Injury Attorney welcomes referrals for any personal injury cases.

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Find out what our past clients had to say about us. You can read their experiences and learn more about what Law Offices of Geoffrey C. Nwosu can do for your own unique situation.

  • Attorney Geoffrey Nwosu is a great San Jose Personal Injury Attorney. He knows his job very well. He understands when to go to trial or continue negotiation. He was very helpful during our accident case.

  • Attorney Geoffrey Nwosu negotiated our case and settled our accident injury case for substantial amount. He saved us a lot of money for not going through trial. We are very happy for his service.

  • We hired San Jose Personal Injury Lawyer Geoffrey Nwosu because our friend referred us to him. He proved to be quite knowledgeable and experienced in personal injury. He recovered money for us. We will recommend anyone in need of a personal injury attorney to use him.

  • Mr. Nwosu is a good listener and adviser. He made a complicated accidenty situation very simple for us. Mr. Nwosu answered our questions and handled the whole accident procedure for us. He is never judgmental, always supportive. We will recommend his accident services to anyone who needs accident help.

  • Our family was in debt because of medical emergency that resulted to loss of one income. After seeking financial counseling and talking to lots of attorneys and sales people, we were advised to consult with the Law of Geoffrey C. Nwosu by one of their past clients. He went to court with us to present our case and called us afterwards to tell us our petition for accident discharge was granted. We will recommend you to file accident with him.

    If you want an aggressive, humble, and experienced lawyer and attorney to handle your accident filing and accident questions, give the law office of Geoffrey C. Nwosu a Call.

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Our Mission Statement

The Law Offices of Geoffrey C. Nwosu is committed to providing you with the professional representation you need in court, to settle personal injury cases as hassle-free as possible. It is our mission to help you win these cases and get you the resources you need to recover.

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California Laws Governing Animal Attacks

Research shows that owning a pet can alleviate a person’s sadness or depression. Dogs, cats, birds, and all other animals have been proven to help people cope with problems and even deal with anxiety. But what happens if pets are the ones causing problems and anxieties in our homes? Yes, this is possible. When we fail to train our pets properly, they may yield to their instincts and subsequently act wild. Under California law, specifically the Penal Code 399 PC, a pet owner becomes liable when (a) he or she wilfully lets the animal run free or does not use ...

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Claimable Damages in Accidents

California laws on accidents follow the ‘at fault’ and ‘pure comparative negligence’ rules when it comes to insurance claims. The ‘at fault’ rule, also known as ‘tort’ refers to the system of insurance claims where the driver seeking compensation must show proof of fault of the other driver. On the other hand, should your claim progress to full legal proceedings, the ‘pure comparative negligence’ rule is followed. This is when the judge will calculate the percentages of fault for each driver and reduce each driver’s liability thereafter. When it comes to accident claims, it is important to consult a ...

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Essential Things to Keep in Mind When in an Accident

Although very morbid a thought, accidents are a common occurrence almost every day. While most accidents aren’t too drastic, some, especially vehicular accidents, often end up in serious injuries that can affect individuals in the long-term. Often, legal settlements are the best resolution to these types of situations. Below are things to try to remember when in a serious accident: Always refer to a lawyer when pressured into giving a statement When we get in an accident, we often find it hard to think clearly in order to recount the events that happened before the said accident. Words ...

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