Personal Injury Myths

Common Personal Injury Myths – San Jose Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Myths - Do not fall for it. Consult with an attorney or lawyer promptly about filing your claim or lawsuit

  1. It is possible for you to settle your own accident injury claims on your own without the need of a lawyer or attorney.
  2. Sure, you have right to represent yourself and settle your case. However, a better approach will be to consult with an accident lawyer or a personal injury lawyer in San Jose Silicon Valley CA. who can navigate the process with the insurance companies, investigate your case properly, keep record of the timeline to avoid statutes of limitation, pursue all possible parties and recover the maximum that the will allow.

  3. Insurance companies are moral companies that will treat you fairly and respectfully
  4. The truth is that the insurance adjuster's goal is different from yours. They want the quickest and cheapest settlement possible to get you sign the release of liability and close file. It is very important that you understand the nature of your injury, the value of your case, and long-term effect of your injury before you settle. Please do not sign any written statements, checks or make any recordings about the accident before you consult with an auto accident injury attorney or car accident lawyer in San Jose, Oakland or San Francisco Area.

  5. When it comes down to filling a motor vehicle claim, time is on your side.
  6. Most states including California has statutes of limitations for filing car, motorcycle and bicycle accidents lawsuits. In California, the statute of limitation for filing a personal injury lawsuit is two years. You will be barred from filing a personal injury lawsuit if you miss the deadline. A good suggestion will be to hire a San Jose personal injury law office to handle your case to avoid any costly mistakes. At the San Jose car accident law office of Geoffrey Nwosu, attorney and lawyer, it is our job to make sure that your legal right to recover claim is protected.

  7. In the San Jose Bay Area, accident injury claims are complicated and can take many years to resolve.
  8. Statistics shows that most San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco injury accident cases never goes to trial. This is especially true if liability and causation is not disputable. The focus now is the amount of settlement to make the plaintiff whole. However, the complex cases may end up in litigation if the parties failed to settle.

  9. Big companies usually win personal injury cases because the law protects them over you
  10. This is not true. What you need is a forceful, dependable and aggressive lawyer who cannot be intimated by insurance company's logo or image. An experienced injury lawyer who has a proven record of protecting the rights of the injured and oppressed can make all the difference in these kinds of cases.

  11. Experienced lawyers and attorneys cost a fortune.
  12. Your relationship with your attorney creates an attorney client relationship which is in writing with detailed information on how all the recovery will be distributed. This agreement is not fixed by law but instead a negotiable contract that you reached with your automobile attorney or lawyer. This contract must be reasonable to be enforceable.

  13. It is easy to file a personal injury claim in the state of California.
  14. This is not true. Personal injury cases can be very complicated especially if it involves a conflict of causation, liability or even amount or reasonableness of medical treatment. An experienced auto accident lawyer will help you investigate your case properly, document reports, and evaluate your options to make sure that all possible remedies are pursued.

  15. Claiming against the government or your employer will get you fired
  16. Not true. You have a legal right to make claims against your employer or even the government if injured at work because of their negligence. They are under duty to act with reasonable care and due diligence towards you like providing a safe work environment. Consult an accident injury lawyer when injured by 3rd party or negligent drunk driver or equipment during performance of your work.

  17. You can't obtain treatment until your case settle your personal injury claim
  18. You can obtain medical treatment before settlement of your injury claim with your medical insurance or medical insurance coverage under your auto insurance. Your injury lawyers and accident attorney's law office like the law office of Geoffrey Nwosu will assist you in making arrangement for medical treatment before settling your case.

  19. You must appear in court to win compensation
  20. Wrong. You do not have to go to court to obtain compensation for your car accident or premises liability case. Most personal injury cases settle out of court before any is filed. The civil court system encourages parties to try and resolve their case outside the court room before litigation.

  21. You have to sit in court and answer questions
  22. These are stories made up over the years to scare you aware from making claims against the party and insurance companies who injured you. Most accident injury cases and claims settle before going to court if managed well by your injury lawyer. Your accident injury attorney or lawyer must prepare well to litigate the case if necessary and provide enough evidence that will assist the responsible party and their insurance in making a good offer.

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