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Construction Accident Lawyer San Jose CA
San Jose Construction Accident Lawyer Serving Santa Clara County, CA

Construction Site Injuries in California Contact the San Jose construction site injuries accident attorney Geoffrey Nwosu if you have been injured on a construction site and are having trouble getting the compensation you deserve. Construction workers make up one of the three most dangerous occupations in the United States. Factors that contribute to construction accidents in San Jose include workers lifting loads with worn and weathered cables and working on elevated platforms without fall protection. Hundreds of thousands of workers are killed or injured in construction site accidents every year. Back injuries, legs, arms, and hands are the most frequent kinds of injuries. Falls are the greatest cause of deaths and fatalities at construction sites in America.

Nwosu Injury Lawyers Hold Contractors Liable for Injuries at Construction Sites.California general contractors and all subcontractors are responsible for providing the appropriate safety provisions to ensure that the construction site is reasonably safe. They have the obligation to warn of possible hazards on the site, to hire employees with caution, to coordinate job safety, and to check that appropriate safety guidelines are being followed. Manufacturers of construction equipment are also responsible for designing and maintaining safe products. Please contact Nwosu construction accident attorneys to get all the details on how to make contractors pay for their mistakes.

Trained Construction Site Injury Attorneys at Nwosu Accident Injury Law FirmWe are trained personal injury attorneys and lawyers and we handle serious injuries at construction sites. California rules, laws, and regulations require that contractors must be observant while operating their work equipment, job sites, and work machines. We understand California laws and its application to construction work site safety. A construction injury attorney will answer your legal questions. We accept most types of construction accident cases such as the ones below:

  • Crane accidents and work-related auto accidents
  • Scaffolding accidents and compressed gases accident
  • Physical abuse and sexual abuse at work
  • Skylight installation falls, roof accidents, and floor opening falls
  • Logging accidents and welding accidents
  • Mesothelioma, asbestos disease, and benzene cancer
  • Work-related auto accidents

If you or a loved one has been injured on a construction site, you need an attorney who is experienced in dealing with construction accident injuries and occupational fatalities. Contact San Jose construction injury lawyer Geoffrey Nwosu for a free and confidential evaluation at 408-912-5983 or visit www.nwosulaw.com.

We Fight for Your Rights to Receive Compensation – Nwosu Construction Site Injury Attorney Will Fight for You to Get CompensationBay Area construction injury lawyer Geoffrey Nwosu believes that injured clients have legal rights to receive compensation from the responsible party who negligently injured them. We work very hard to protect that right. By compensation, we mean that we fight forcefully and aggressively to recover any economic cost like medical cost, lost wages, property damage and pain and sufferings. We are not intimidated by big insurance companies and their rich investors. You are injured because someone made a mistake and acted unreasonably.

Our Silicon Valley Construction Site Injuries Attorney represents victims of construction accidents because we believe that they have rights too, just like others. If you have been involved in an accident at construction work site, you need to hire a skilled attorney and lawyer at the law office of Geoffrey Nwosu representing clients in San Jose Santa Clara County, Alameda County, San Mateo County, and the San Francisco Bay Area. If you have questions or concerns about injuries suffered on the job or at a construction site, please contact San Jose construction accident attorney Geoffrey Nwosu at 408-912-5983.

Free Consultation with Nwosu Construction Accident Injury LawyersNwosu construction accident injury lawyers will consult with you for free. An experienced personal injury attorney at the personal injury law firm of Geoffrey Nwosu will meet with you to answer your personal injury legal questions, not a legal secretary. Hiring Nwosu construction accident injury attorneys in San Jose means you have no upfront financial obligation to our firm until we settle your case. We take our job seriously because we care for our clients. If you or a loved one has been in a construction or work-related accident, call our accident injury attorney Geoffrey Nwosu for a free case evaluation and consultation today at 408-912-5983 or visit www.nwosulaw.com.