Fractures and Catastrophic Accidents Lawyer in San Jose, California

As San Jose Bankruptcy Attorney, Geoffrey Nwosu always puts its client’s satisfaction as priority number one. The Law Offices of Geoffrey C. Nwosu believes that the playing field is not level and that each case requires strong personalized service and dedication. Our Law Office strives to achieve our clients’ goal by hiring very capable and qualified support staff.

We realize that there are many Bankruptcy Attorneys in San Jose. Therefore, we take our representation of each client seriously. We strive to understand our clients’ financial situation, hardship condition, and the American founder’s belief that honest people deserve a fresh start. We believe that it is wrong to close the door on people when they are already down, lost their job, medical bills piled up, tax lien stacked up, wage garnished or even being harassed by creditors. This is exactly where we step in to prevent injustice and unfair treatment to our client. To achieve this goal for our client, we commit full emotional, legal, financial, and available technology to help our clients and make sure that the federal bankruptcy law protection is enforced.

The federal bankruptcy code offers you the opportunity to file bankruptcy if you are qualified and to start fresh. At the San Jose Bankruptcy Law Offices of Geoffrey C. Nwosu, we carefully review all the documents, conduct necessary research to make sure that our clients’ documents are filed properly. We can help you stop repossessions, debt collectors, foreclosures, lawsuits and wage garnishments. We may even help you save your home from foreclosure, void second loans on your house, put a stop to wage garnishment and pending lawsuits, eliminate credit cards, wipe off medical bills and judgments.

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