Personal Injury

San Jose, Bay Area, Personal Injury Attorney

You are looking at this site because either yourself, a loved one, a friend or someone you know is involved in some kind of accident or injury. Personal injuries may include but not limited to whiplash, soft tissue injuries, dog bite, animal attack, work injuries, sports injuries, construction site injuries, personal injury defense, uninsured motorist and other injuries to person. It can be a complex and complicated process. It involves all or most of the following: Legal Liability, Causation, Damages, Negotiation and Settlement, and Litigation. This may be very demanding for an ordinary person to do alone. This is because the Insurance Companies has their own experts with many years of experience to represent them in this process. Their goal is to minimize their cost and maximize their profit. Selecting the right attorney is very crucial and vital for full recovery.

Showing Liability and Causation:

At the San Jose, Bay Area Law Office of Geoffrey Nwosu, we are trained to help you fight the insurance companies. The burden of proving your case is on you. You have to show liability and causation. This means that you have to show that defendant had a duty to be careful and that he or she breached that duty. This may be as a result of following too close, speeding, unsafe speed for the condition, drunk driving, and aggressive drivers, unrealistic schedules, failure to inspect breaks and tires, tailgating, jackknifing and driver fatigue. This can be shown through photographs, witnesses, videos, tech and experts testimony.

Establishing Injury and Damages:

This entails proving reasonable value of your losses. Here, a knowledgeable and reputable law firm like the Law office of Geoffrey Nwosu makes a big difference. Timing is very important. In California, a lawsuit against a private entity must be filed within two years and a public entity within six months. Failure to timely file a claim may bar recovery of damages. Damages may include:

  • Reasonable and Medical Expenses: Medical expenses must be reasonable and treatment must be necessary.
  • Wage Loss: Documentation is very vital with this type of claim.
  • Property Damage: They have to pay the reasonable cost to repair or replace your property. However, you do have a duty to mitigate your losses. It is possible to qualify for a free rental car depending on your situation.
  • Pain and Suffering: Here, the law wants to compensate you for your pain and suffering caused by the defendant. Justice and common sense demands that those who cause harm should be held accountable for the harm they caused. The amount you can receive can vary, so to get the best results it is important to find a talented attorney that knows what they are doing. Our law firm is able to provide you with the compensation that you need. We have the experience, the knowledge, and the skills to ensure you receive what you deserve.

Personal Injury Settlement, Negotiation, and Litigation:

The court system allows parties to negotiate and settle before litigation. Litigation process means going to court which is a process that ends in trial. Failure to research, prepare, and investigate properly may affect the result of your case. Here, big law firms do not always translate to large recovery since some may be too busy to work on your case. Insurance company's knows this fact and too eager to offer less to settle. It is also not advisable to do it alone without representation so that you don't jeopardize your case. Insurance adjusters are trained and experienced in investigating and negotiating hundreds of injury cases. At court, the judge will usually require the party's to a case to mediate or arbitrate before trial.

San Jose Soft Tissue Injury Lawyer: What Is Soft Tissue Injury?

The California Accident injury attorney of the law firm of Geoffrey Nwosu takes each case seriously. We understand that even the most minor injury can cause an infection, illness, and even death. We are aware that not all cases will be resolved through settlement. We are prepared to litigate and not afraid to associate if we believe that it is to the best interest of our client.