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Personal injury cases are legal disputes that arise when one person suffers injury or harm from an accident caused by another person. During civil litigation, one can recover damages to compensate for his or her harm if an injured person proves that another person acted negligently to cause his or her injury. If you or a loved have suffered a serious personal injury, like an injury sustained in an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident premises liability accident in Milpitas, Santa Clara County or have been made blind, deaf, or disabled as the result of an accident, please contact a personal injury attorney in our Nwosu personal injury law office immediately. We are personal injury attorneys and are committed to understanding the details of your specific case. We are aggressive lawyers who are prepared to pursue and negotiate to settle your injury case. We are also ready to litigate your case if necessary. Our attorneys have extensive experience in accident cases and injury.

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A Milpitas personal injury attorney and accident lawyer at the personal injury law firm of Geoffrey Nwosu in San Jose Milpitas area will help you to recover damages when you or a loved one is involved in an accident. Accidents happen because of someone’s negligence. There is also nothing wrong to seek for money damages and compensation because someone wrongfully injured you. Milpitas accident injury center will help you understand what your options are after the accident or injury. Our Milpitas Personal injury lawyer and accident attorney will provide injury advice that will help you and will meet with you personally for free. Please call 408-912-5983 or email us at to find out your legal options.

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You have rights to receive money damages and compensation when injured. The objective of a personal injury lawsuit seeks compensation for injuries a person has sustained due to another person’s negligence. Although there are no limits or minimums to what a court can award a plaintiff for damages, personal injury suits are designed to compensate a person for all past, current, and future expenses and, any pain and suffering they may have suffered as a result of the accident. A previous injury does not prevent the right to recover compensation. In order to prepare for maximum recovery, a person injured in an accident should keep a daily diary describing how the injury affects him or her and his or her immediate family. Milpitas accident injury lawyer, Geoffrey Nwosu, has the experience to help you recover the damages that you deserve. The consultation is free and confidential. At the injury law office of Geoffrey Nwosu, we fight for our client’s right. We believe that an injured individuals should be compensated for their loss by the one who injured them.

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Nwosu Milpitas car accident lawyers and Milpitas auto accident attorneys will consult with you for free. An experienced personal injury attorney and accident lawyer at the Nwosu auto and car accident law firm of Geoffrey Nwosu will meet with you to answer your personal injury legal questions, not a legal secretary. Hiring Nwosu personal injury attorneys means you have no upfront financial obligation to our firm until we settle your case. We take our job seriously because we care for our clients. We do not represent the insurance companies but you. If you or a loved one has been involved in an auto, car, motor vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, boat, automobile, truck accident, please call our Milpitas car/auto accident attorney Geoffrey Nwosu for a free case evaluation and consultation today at 408-912-5983. Or, visit us at Winning the injury case and obtaining the maximum settlement that the law allows is our ultimate objective.