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Please note the answers provided here are general in nature, and are designed to answer frequently asked legal questions by our clients about personal injury and accident law. Please contact our Bay Area accident attorneys & Santa Clara County lawyers for your particular injury case at 408-912-5983 or visit You must file your case within the time allowed by law or risk recovery since Statues of Limitations applies to Personal Injury cases in California.

Injury Questions:

If you take my case, what do I have to do?

First, we will ask you to help us investigate your case and obtain the information that we will use to win your case. You may have to be evaluated by other doctors. Our staff will contact you and update you on any developments.

How long will it take?

Many cases settle before trial. However, this does not usually happen until both sides have prepared the case. Generally, lawsuits take about one to two years from filing to trial in California. This can vary significantly in either direction based on the complexity of your case and other factors. Our goal is to take the time necessary to get you the money damages and compensation that you deserve.

Can I talk to you about my case for free?

Sure, you can call and talk to the San Jose injury attorneys and Santa Clara Bay Area lawyers at the Law office of Geoffrey Nwosu on the phone about your case. It will not cost you any money. We will evaluate your injury case on our first meeting. This meeting is confidential and necessary to help us answer your questions and understand your case.

Can anyone bring a wrongful death claim?

Generally, most states that recognize a wrongful death cause of action limit the number of potential plaintiffs. Some states limit this group surviving spouse and the deceased’s children. Other states allow the parents of the deceased individual to bring a wrongful death claim. You must consult with an injury attorney in your area regarding this valuable right. You may be able to bring a case for a loved one that passed away because of a wrong done by another person. Wrongful death is a serious matter and our injury lawyers take it seriously. We are sorry for your loss but will work hard to make sure that the negligent party pays for their mistakes.

QWhat vital information should I document after my car crash accident?

AThe evidence listed below is often vital and important. The following information is very important to identify who is involved in your accident and resolve your case:

  • Take and preserve photos, street scene of the auto accident
  • Any skid visible marks, dark or sunshine
  • The other party’s driver’s license information
  • The weather condition, location, date, and time of the car crash accident
  • Other party’s involved, witnesses, and any helpful accident news
  • Description of the vehicles involved, including the make and model of each vehicle
  • The injuries that you have sustained, including any minor injuries
  • Insurance information for the other driver(s) involved in the accident
  • Ambulance transportation documents if any and emergency room reports

Please contact our car accident injury lawyer and attorney at our car accident injury law office located in San Jose, San Clara County, Alameda County, San Mateo County, and San Francisco County area.

QCan I represent myself without a lawyer or an attorney?

A: Yes, you can represent yourself without a car accident counsel, attorney or lawyer. However, you may hurt your case, especially if causation and liability is in issue. Proper investigation needs to be carried on immediately to protect your case. An injury lawyer has more resources in navigating this injury process. You have time limit for filing your case. Do not waste time.

Q: What accident cases do you handle?

A: We handle motorcycle injury accidents, bicycle injury accidents, auto injury accidents, fatal car accidents and bus accidents, drunk driving accidents, construction accidents, whiplash and soft tissue injuries, dog bites and animal attacks, boating injury accidents, sexual and physical assault, wrongful death, brain injuries, fire accidents, spinal cord injury and any other major or minor personal injury accident claims.

Please contact our car accident injury lawyer and attorney at our car accident injury law office located in San Jose, San Clara County, Alameda County, San Mateo County, and San Francisco County area at 408-912-5983 or visit